Prayer for home

I sit in my warm, dry apartment reading the statistics and am in disbelief. I can believe a few thousand may have perished, but that many? Nevertheless, my heart yearns in pain. How I long to be home, on what was once a paradise isle, to be of some help to those on a now shaken land. 

Lord, as the clouds covered over central Philippines, blanket this land with hope. They are your people and you are a relentless God that would never give up. You are gracious and good to all. I call resilience out of these strong men, women, and children. That they may rise out of such loss with supernatural strength and not forget the battle they fight, for the devil seeks to devour any dejected soul.

Bring an influx of supplies, medicine, and food to your children. May they still feel a spirit of love and kindness when circumstance hurls such hopeless thoughts at them. 

What was lost will be restored! You are restoration-bringer and life-giver! Thank you for your sweet, sweet grace.  

This is not the first typhoon to dramatically hit the Philippines. Huge ones come every year and they always leave damage. Filipinos are such a strong people. They lose so much, yet get back up fighting with joy! Never have I come across a people group with such spirit. 

My parents lead a minsitry called On the Rock down in Boracay and Panay. Boracay is a tourist hotspot, but behind the waterfront hotels, many locals are suffering from the direct hit the islands took from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Several staff and school buildings lost their roofs and many are hungry and without water. I'm believing the supplies for new homes, food, and water will be provided and these Filipinos can get back on their feet again. If you feel any inclination to give even a small amount, I know they would be so thankful. Any contribution would be an amazing help. To give to On the Rock, please visit this page and make a note that it is to go to Haiyan Typhoon Relief.