Self Portraits : Winter

This past winter was the first time I really experimented with self portraits in a creative way. When my husband and I first moved to Washington, the way things worked out was for us to house-sit a home for 6 months in Gig Harbor. Not Seattle, where our heart was set on, but Gig Harbor, a 1 hr and 20 min drive away with a $5 toll to pay each time. The energy and money spent was adding up. 

Many days it's been just the two of us hanging out here, getting to know each other better after 1.5 years of marriage. Our friends were all in Seattle, and my hunger to photograph was stirring. 

This town is beautiful, though I see my passion to photograph people more than ever now. So one day, in my sweat pants, I decided I can photograph myself. I will probably never be in a season of life like this again: New home, New climate, Few friends, No kids, No pets. Maybe you can imagine this has been quite an emotional ride for me. 

I guess this takes "journaling" to another level, because in years to come, I don't just have writings and drawings to look back upon, but also photos, of myself! I can look into the eyes of my portrait and remember how it felt to be in that time, as well as everything valuable I have learned from it.