Jessica Byrd : Artist | Seattle, WA

Jessica is a musician and prophetic artist living here in Seattle. I am incredibly honored to know her and to have photographed her work. This girl is rich with vision and passion for her city and for the world. I'm so excited to watch as she brings light and truth to the city of Seattle. Not to mention, she's insanely talented! Each of her paintings is drenched with meaning and depth. To view more of her creations and read the power behind them, check out her website! And give her a follow here!

Words from Jessica:

I believe there is one constant truth that everything and everyone in existence is subject under. My search for this truth is the source of my inspiration and the purpose of my dedication. There is a movement underway. An awakening of artists that will shift our culture and change the way the world views “art”. If art ever had a purpose, it’s about to be taken to the next experiential level. Some call it a "Second Renaissance"...