San Francisco & the Film Is Not Dead Workshop



Here I am, now a year later from attending the FIND workshop. Though no longer fresh in my mind, it still was one of my finest experiences of 2013. 

This workshop taught me so so much about my craft and life. The awesome thing is I was lucky enough to learn alongside a dozen other brilliant photographers in the beautiful city of San Fran. And now, we're all tethered to an even greater community around the world.

What I love about the FIND community is how encouraging they are in one's state of vulnerability. Being transparent or open with others who barely know you is not an easy task. I think among FINDers, there's a longing for honesty and what's real. It's great because we're always challenging each other to pull from deep within to illustrate meaningful stories. Plus, there's an incredible amount of people who know their stuff, including Jon, who aren't afraid to let you know how you can improve. I feel that is so healthy.

During FIND, I came to realize some of my flaws and how I can grow stronger as an artist. I also realized, for the first time, some of my strengths I had no idea i had!

I would say some of the goldest nuggets I discovered were to:

1. get in closer

2. shoot what speaks to you

3. be brave

I'm challenged with the fact that no one shares the same story I hold or the same vision I see. Shooting what speaks to me may not be what the magazines want to see, but it's surely what will feed my soul and allow me to chase my dreams for the rest of my life.

The days spent at FIND filled me. Jon's wealth of knowledge and experience alone are worth every penny. And yet, you get so much more.