Ready or not, I'm doing this!

When I was 14, before I was ever in love with photography, I stumbled upon the work of Sabrina Ward Harrison. Her artistic expression enthralled me with Mixed Media. So I practiced, with watercolors and scribbly pens. I wasn't much of a writer then or even a photographer, so I just used magazine cutouts and the like.

After some time passed of feeling inadequate and unable to articulate my vision, the passion somewhat fizzled. Now, ten years later, I've learned to work a camera, fallen in love with the film photography process, and developed a small knack for writing.

I started realizing my dreams of being a mixed media artist and pursuing a new dimension were still very much prevalent. I always loved painting, but felt my style was too abstract and I was never happy with the results. Today, I've awakened this fire again by flying to California to attend the REVIVAL Encaustic workshop with Leah Macdonald and Kamil Vojnar!

Reflecting: this dream seems to have been dormant for ten years and maybe even excused as a dead end idea of my youth. However, I'm convinced the Lord worked dreams into my life before I even knew him personally and has spent the last decade preparing me in different ways for this pursuit. Of course, I'm not sure what's to come of this, but as my friends, I want you to know, this is so me. My personality and passions have changed a lot in life, but this has always been here. I'm beyond blessed by grace carrying me this far. Can't wait to get started with encaustics!!