Women's March in Seattle, 1.21.17

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This was the first time I had photographed anything of this nature: in some ways, it was more comfortable for me than shooting traditional street since people knew the cameras were on and wanted their message to be seen or heard. In other ways, it was personally a little discomforting, since I consider myself politically independent and didn't resonate with a fraction of the signs being toted this day, even though social equality is something I care very much about. 

However, the reason I woke up early and drove through terrible traffic that Saturday morning was beside that point.

One of the main reasons I shoot street is to capture the intrigue in every day life. Undoubtedly, millions of people marching around the world on one Saturday morning is intriguing! I'm a believer in boldness and challenging each other; courage is something I feel that I often lack, and it inspires me to see others being courageous about their beliefs. Over the past few years, little by little, I've challenged myself as a photographer to capture things that I might not be completely comfortable with, but regardless, tell a story. That's why I'm sharing these photos on my personal journal today.